Adapt. Prepare. Create. Inspire.Bentall 3Bentall 2

Adapt. Prepare. Create. Inspire. • Vancouver Mural Festival 2020


DON'T WORRY • Vancouver Mural Festival 2020

You Made It

You Made It • Vancouver Mural Festival 2016


Hoodwink • In Due Time

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In 2018/2019 I started pursuing music production. This is an album that sums up my first year of discovery in an entirely new art form.

Centre for Entertainment Arts

Centre for Entertainment Arts • Digital Mural for Langara College

Blackbird Interactive

Blackbird Interactive • Sign Painting - Typography & Graphics

Cadillac Creator SeriesCadillac - Joy

Cadillac Creator Series • XT4 for Cadillac Canada

36 Days 6up.jpg

No Place I'd Rather Be

No Place I'd Rather Be • 18" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas